Updated 1 day ago

My personal web page.

Updated 3 weeks ago

A tracker for events that happen in our daily life

Updated 1 month ago

Internet knowledge storage

Updated 1 month ago

Django authentication module with all the common features I use

Updated 1 month ago

Basic tetris example

Updated 1 month ago

Plataforma12D website

Updated 1 month ago

Snake game in Python

Updated 1 month ago

CSS3 Examples

Updated 1 month ago

Ledger software with a reversed name.

Updated 2 months ago

Centralization of users management, users authorization and application notifications that preserves users privacy.

Updated 2 months ago

Platform for create, edit, manage, and publish zines.

Updated 2 months ago

Front-end application for editing contents in dynzine.

Updated 2 months ago

We are not really strangers Telegram bot and web application

Updated 5 months ago

Python library for connecting your applications to DJaWTh

Updated 6 months ago

Elm projects to learn Elm language


Updated 7 months ago

JWT Authenticator

Updated 8 months ago

My old personal webpage

Updated 9 months ago

Clone of the Wunderlist closed application

Updated 10 months ago