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  Alfred 149d06ac5d Update .gitignore 6 months ago
  Alfred 75db25202e Ensure to remove eidtor subtree 6 months ago
  Alfred fc2839efc2 Big refactor 6 months ago
  Alfred b9f4e3c41b Demo is not allowed to update resources 9 months ago
  Alfred 9475b9f341 Merge commit 'a3ebe176dfc937618e271ad9b62c71b9e68766b0' 9 months ago
  Alfred a3ebe176df Squashed 'static/editor/' changes from 78f04a0..07b3aa4 9 months ago
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  Alfred 5b9e3b7666 Update pdf generation styles 9 months ago
  Alfred 967aa01341 Update styles 9 months ago
  Alfred 679b3cb8b3 Remove fontawesome 9 months ago
  Alfred 2c2e04e16f Improve look and feel 9 months ago
  Alfred 5017c118c4 Add zines list page 9 months ago
  Alfred 5eb0aaad92 Add resources model 9 months ago
  Alfred caa96074bd Squashed 'static/editor/' changes from 5a0e9e5..a603285 9 months ago
  Alfred e40140c27e Merge commit 'caa96074bd056f666aa30778cf2ba1567b727e8b' 9 months ago
  Alfred 0471406884 Improve profile and zine creation 9 months ago
  Alfred 713b037cc3 Improve sign up 9 months ago
  Alfred facd89772c Update PageGroup subtitle field 10 months ago
  Alfred 00f84b1ae0 Update serializers required fields 10 months ago
  Alfred 2cee42453d Update serializers with images 10 months ago
  Alfred 12ac9978e4 Login with username and password 10 months ago
  Alfred beccaa78c0 Prepare for creating login and signup pages 10 months ago
  Alfred d7d6c36a7c Fix front-page links 10 months ago
  Alfred 90345485f0 Add a resource model 10 months ago
  Alfred 190365cf1e Add page type to the serializer 10 months ago
  Alfred b5c5210dfd Fix demo generation 11 months ago
  Alfred cf6ca7c12e Fix demo button 11 months ago
  Alfred c1334491be Fix demo button 11 months ago
  Alfred 72ef42880f Add git package 11 months ago
  Alfred 412553471a Fix the djawth library requirement installation 11 months ago
  Alfred 1bc7959223 Squashed 'static/editor/' changes from 12ebf58..5a0e9e5 11 months ago
  Alfred 2d13703de1 Merge commit '1bc7959223aefe7e815e95b7c5077314ff4e8c66' 11 months ago
  Alfred cf8aab7e29 Squashed 'static/editor/' changes from 5e39b3d..12ebf58 11 months ago
  Alfred 0b2ddb3a7f Merge commit 'cf8aab7e29070f3f9db89a532b6a391ca79395ef' 11 months ago
  Alfred 70f16f8883 Add profiles endpoint 11 months ago
  Alfred fb45e0768a Add groups to zine serializer 11 months ago
  Alfred 3559f0765f Sign random pages when create them 11 months ago
  Alfred e6491c3013 Add pages property to authors 11 months ago
  Alfred 56742b0c95 Update API 11 months ago
  Alfred 45f43335e2 Update views 11 months ago
  Alfred 5a154b020c Update commands 11 months ago
  Alfred eeaab5b137 Update models 11 months ago
  Alfred 7ce96c80b1 Rename models 11 months ago
  Alfred 435498cb97 Merge commit 'acad7140a3877723a97b7a0147400a3e8cc79398' as 'static/editor' 1 year ago
  Alfred acad7140a3 Squashed 'static/editor/' content from commit 5e39b3d 1 year ago
  Alfred f2a612ae11 Update editor 1 year ago
  Alfred 4c02a908dd Remove favicon request 1 year ago
  Alfred 8291cd9011 Add user profiles 1 year ago