Cookiecutter Django template with the code structure I usually use
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Cookiecutter for Django projects

This is a Cookiecutter template for Django projects.


  • Dependencies management using Poetry.
  • Module for being used as standalone application or redistributable application.
  • Structure on templates directory.
  • Example command.
  • Styles with SASS.
  • Webcomponents with FicusJS.


Create application with:


You will need to add the django library:

poetry add django

Run it with:

poetry run python ./ runserver


Get the virtual environment path:

poetry env list --full-path

Develop style sheets, from application/static/application/styles/sass folder:

sass --watch main.scss:../stylesheet.css

If you are gonna use Postgres you can remove those comments from settings file and will need to add the proper library:

poetry add psycopg2-binary